Birthday Party Rentals in the Buffalo & Amherst, NY And All Erie/ Niagara Areas
*Including all of Erie and Niagara county


We try to keep our equipment very clean and in great condition and we ask all our customers to please help us out by observing all rules.

Adult supervision at all times is extremely important. Please check each child and make sure they have no sharp objects such as jewelry or glasses, pens, pencils, or other sharp objects that could puncture the bounce house, objects that will mark up the bounce house, no gum, food, or drink as they enter the bounce house. No crayons, pens, pencils, paint, face paint, etc. that will mark or stain in or around the bounce house. No silly string in or near the bounce house or other equipment. Irreparable damage is caused from silly string.

No bonfires or fire pits while any of our equipment is set up including bounce houses, water slides, tents, tables and chairs. Fires damage equipment even if they seem far away. Smoke and sparks travel a far distance and could cause irreparable damage. No fireworks shall be set off in the vicinity of the bounce house.

No water should be used with any bounce house other than the water slide and slip and slide. Do not go in the bounce house when wet as it is very slippery and dangerous.

If winds exceed 20 miles per hour, remove all riders and shut the bounce house down until the wind diminishes. If it rains or there is lightning, shut the bounce house down until it stops and towel dry the bounce area.

Do not attempt to move the bounce house once it is set-up. Do not move or roll up extension cords, bounce house, or blower. Do not use duct tape or any other tape on extension cords or any other equipment.

Nothing can be plugged in to where the bounce house is plugged in to.


All tables must be covered with table clothes at all times. 

No hot items that will burn table should be placed directly on table 

No standing on chairs or tables. 

Do not leave chairs out in the rain. 

No fire pits, need rental items.

No grills under tents.


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